Hello - it's me

If you are here I can only presume it's because you want to learn more about me. Or you've clicked on this page by accident...but I'm going to assume it's because you want to learn more about me, the human taking your photos.

Well for starters, I'm an adventurous, 20-something year old from Chattanooga, Tennessee that recently graduated with a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Sports and Tourism Management from UTC. I love to travel and recently spent a month traveling to Washington, South Carolina and Hawaii! I even did some international travel for the first time and now I have a serious travel bug. I'm also a big fan of all things nature if you couldn't tell by my choice of college studies. The outdoors are pretty much my favorite and when I'm not inside editing photos you can probably find me somewhere outside exploring trails looking for the perfect elopement location, or doing outdoor activities with my friends. My goal is to not only be a photographer, but a friend. To root for you and your love even if nobody else is. To help you have a wedding day that is entirely your own, whether that’s a wedding with 25 of your closest friends and family or just you and your person in a Taco Bell parking lot. Your day, your way is my motto.

If you are looking for a photographer to capture your special day anywhere in the world (the more unique the better), a photographer that is willing to go on adventures to find the perfect location for your elopement, I'm ya girl. If safety is a concern, I'm also a certified Wilderness First Responder so I can totally splint your leg with sticks if needed. Jokes, aside, the safety of my clients is a top priority.

Speaking of jokes, if you hadn't already noticed, sarcasm and joking around are my main two methods of communication. If you decide to have your wedding photos taken by me, I can promise you I will be joking around and trying to make you laugh a lot. You will likely just end up laughing at how dumb my humor is, but hey whatever works right?

Let's hang out and take some pictures!

Destination elopement photographer takes a golden hour self-portrait at Hilton Head beach.

Photos from recent adventures

A female sitting in front of a small water fall in Dayton, TN.
Destination elopement photographer at Black Fox Farms.
Colorado elopement photographer takes a picture of a hiker at Furnace Rock in winter.
Destination elopement photographer in the smokey mountains posing with camera.
Girl in an orange bikini walks around a swimming hole in Tennessee.
Destination wedding photographer climbs a large tree on the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii.
Spartan racer doing one of the hardest obstacles at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii.
Destination elopement photographer Sarah Swainson hangs upside down from a tree.
Destination elopement planner Sarah Swainson models at Max Patch wearing a wedding dress at sunset.
A girl stands in the middle of a palace courtyard in Poland.
Female in orange bikini sits on a ledge over-looking a red sand beach in Hawaii.
Woman wades through water during a Savage Race in Georgia.
Destination photographer stands between two trees to use her camera.
Couple cuddling on top of Black Balsam Knob at sunset for their destination elopement.
Woman brushes her hair behind her ears on a driftwood beach in Washington.
Woman wearing a Dunder Mifflin sweatshirt stands in front of a waterfall.
A group of women posing on a cliff while hiking.

Travel Bucket List

Having a wedding in one of these places? ask about my special rates!


Anywhere in Ireland.

New Zealand

Bonus if you love Lord of the rings

Any where with redwood trees

I love these trees so much