Wondering where to elope in Georgia?

You came to the right place. I spent hours scouring the internet and Google Earth looking for the best locations so you don't have to. You're welcome.

This guide includes some of the most beautiful places for elopements in GA as well as information about permits and other useful information to ensure you have the absolute best location for your wedding day! This list is constantly growing as I find new locations to share so if you're not seeing something you absolutely love quite yet, be sure to check back at a later date or feel free to contact me about finding the perfect location for your special day. I love helping my couples with location scouting!

Please keep in mind that many of these locations are outdoors and may require hiking, camping, etc. - In order to maintain the integrity of these places for future generations to enjoy it is important to adhere to the Leave No Trace principles to minimize negative environmental impact.

Here are the locations currently covered in this post:

  • Cloudland Canyon
  • Providence Canyon
  • Tacoa Falls
  • Cumberland Island
  • Cohutta Overlook
  • Amicalola Falls
  • Hightower Falls
  • Tybee Island

waterfall elopement at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia

Photo by Loc Giang on Unsplash


Distance from the nearest hub city: Cloudland Canyon is located in Trenton GA - about two hours from Atlanta. It's also only about 45 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, TN.

Permits required: There are no permits required to get married at Cloudland Canyon.

What makes it great: Well, as you might have guessed by the name, Cloudland Canyon has some spectacular views overlooking the thousand foot deep canyons that surround the park. There is also many scenic waterfalls and wooded areas that make for an excellent elopement day backdrop.

Pro-tip: Cloudland Canyon has the CUTEST little yurts that you can rent. If you are wanting something a little more adventurous for your honeymoon, you could totally rent one of those little guys for the weekend.

Providence Canyon State Park

Stock image from Pixabay

2. Providence Canyon

Distance from the nearest hub city: Providence Canyon is located in Lumpkin, GA and is two hours from Atlanta and four hours from Savannah.

Permits required: No known permits at this time, but I would recommend reaching out and discussing your elopement day plans with the GA State Park service just to confirm everything.

What makes it great: If you are looking for Grand Canyon vibes without Grand Canyon prices, Providence Canyon is an excellent location for your elopement. The soil is beautiful shades of red, orange, pink and purple - reminiscent of Arizona and Utah desserts.

Pro-tip: Weekends will be busy at this state park, if privacy is something that you value for your wedding day, consider choosing a weekday and/or early morning/late evening.

3. Toccoa Falls

Distance from the nearest hub city: Toccoa Falls is located in Toccoa, GA - 1.5 hours from Atlanta and a little over an hour from Athens.

Reservations required: There is a $500 rental fee to hold a wedding at Toccoa Falls.

What makes it great: Toccoa Falls is easily accessible and at 186 ft, it is the tallest free-falling waterfall east of the Mississippi River.

Pro-tip: Because it is located on the grounds of a private college, there are a few rules you must follow in order to have a wedding at Toccoa Falls, you can find a list of what is required here.

Mossy trees line a sandy pathway on Cumberland Island Georgia.

4. Cumberland Island

Distance from the nearest hub city: Cumberland Island must be accessed by personal boat or the public ferry in St. Mary's - a little under 5 hours from Atlanta and a little under 2 hours from Savannah.

Permits required: You will need a special use permit to have an elopement on Cumberland Island. There is a $50 non-refundable fee for the permit. You may also need a photography permit if you wish to have your day documented, it is also $50 for that permit. Ferry reservations should also be made as far in advance as possible to ensure that you have transportation to/from the island (unless you have a personal boat you plan to use).

What makes it great: Wild horses, beautiful mossy trees, IT'S AN ISLAND, 18 miles sandy beaches, 50 miles of hiking/biking trails and did I mention.....ITS AN ACTUAL ISLAND. Like 45 minute boat ride of the coast of GA island. It's awesome. If you are looking for a private, primitive, super fun location for your elopement day, I highly recommend this one.

Pro-tip: This is a primitive island, and while there are a few bathroom facilities and places to refill water bottles, it is important to prepare properly for your time on the island. Visit "Plan Your Visit" for more information and tips on how to make the most of your Cumberland Island elopement.

5. Cohutta Overlook

Distance from the nearest hub city: 1.5 hours from Atlanta, 20 minutes from Ellijay.

Permits required: No permits are needed unless you plan to have more than 75 people in attendance (if you're reading this article on eloping that probably doesn't apply).

What makes it great: This is a random overlook in the Chattahoochee National Forest that only requires a short hike to reach, it is also likely that you will have the space all to yourself if visiting on a weekday or during sunrise. It offers beautiful views of the North GA mountains and if you visit in the spring/summer, you will likely see many wildflowers as well!

Pro tip/Important info: This overlook is wonderful for both sunset and sunrise, but the sunrise views are probably some of the best in the area. I would highly recommend this location for a sunrise elopement in Georgia.

Photo by Nicholas Brownlow on Unsplash


Distance from the nearest hub city: Amicalola Falls is a little under 1.5 hours from Atlanta.

Permits required: There are no permits required, you just have to fill out a "Request for Proposal" form on their website. They have several outdoor locations you can use for your ceremony if you have less than 10 people in attendance.

What makes it great: In addition to the incredible 729-foot waterfall, Amicalola falls, there are also incredible views of the Appalachian Mountains as well as adventure activities such as zip-lining and scenic hikes through the 829 acres of pristine GA wilderness.

Pro tip/Important info: Any ceremony locations can not be closed off to the public so it would be wise to have your ceremony on a weekday or during sunrise to ensure the least amount of other people in the area.

7. Hightower Falls

Distance from the nearest hub city: Hightower Falls is located in Cedartown, GA - a little over an hour from Atlanta, GA and only 35 minutes from Rome, GA.

Permits required: You must book the property in advanced, but it's only $500 for elopements Mon-Wed.

What makes it great: In addition to having an 80 foot waterfall all to yourself, if you elope at Hightower Falls you also get access to hiking trails, a old stone tower and so many other beautiful spots to take photos.

Pro tip/Important info: The elopement package for Hightower Falls only includes two hours, so it might not be the best option for those looking to have an all-day adventure elopement, but would be a great choice for those inviting a few friends/family for a short and sweet ceremony.

Sunset on the beach of Tybee Island, one of the best places to elope in GA.

Photo by Mary Martin on Unsplash

8. Tybee Island

Distance from the nearest hub city: Tybee Island is 4 hours from Atlanta, 3 hours from Augusta, and about 30 minutes from Savannah,

Permits required: It depends on where you choose to get married. If you wish to get married on a beach, you may need the $25 permit (if you plan to have any guests, chairs, other decorations, etc.).

What makes it great: If you like driftwood beaches and historic towns, you will love Tybee Island. It's also SUPER affordable to get married on the beaches here, so if you are looking for a budget friendly but still beautiful location for your Georgia elopement, Tybee Island might be a great option for you.

Pro tip/Important info: Tybee Island is only a short drive away from Savannah, which is another beautiful place to take photos and grab something to eat after your elopement. You could even stay here for your honeymoon!

Ready to elope in Georgia?

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