Chattanooga is full of incredible spots to take engagement pictures

Want your engagement pictures to be taken in nature with a beautiful view? Chattanooga has it. Want your photos to have city vibes? Chatt's got that too. You name it, we probably have it. However, I also know that the choices can get a little overwhelming so I have compiled a list of my favorite locations for having engagement photos done in Chattanooga, Tennessee so you don't have to spend hours of your own time looking! I will be updating this list as I discover new favorites so if you don't see something you love yet, be sure to check again at a later date!

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My list of best locations in Chattanooga for engagement pictures:

1. Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock is probably one of the most iconic places to have engagement photos done, but for good reason! The views of the Chattanooga valley (especially at sunset) are absolutely stunning and provide a beautiful background for your engagement pictures. Something to be aware of if you choose Sunset Rock as your location - It can be crowded, especially on the weekends. A weeknight would be the best option if you're wanting to have pictures done at Sunset Rock, as parking can be a bit tricky because there is only about 9 actual parking spaces. Be sure to plan accordingly and consider arriving early to have a better chance of getting a parking space. Once you arrive at Sunset Rock it's a super short walk down to the overlook so this is a great option for those who don't want to do a lot of walking.

Chattanooga engagement photographer Sarah Swainson captures a couple laughing at sunset rock

2. The walnut street bridge / Coolidge park

Some may consider this a little basic and yes, it can be crowded, but it can also be a beautiful place to have pictures done, especially if you and your person are from Chattanooga or share a lot of memories in the area. Coolidge Park offers a variety of different backdrops and some great views of the river and city skyline. It's a super cute place to take some fun engagement photos before heading to the bridge for something a little more classic. The carousel within Coolidge Park can also be a great place to capture some unique photos and at $1 a ride, it's also very affordable. Another great perk of the Walnut Street Bridge / Coolidge Park area is that Clumpie's ice cream is just a quick walk away if you are wanting to add even more fun to your engagement session! Walking across the bridge hand in hand while sharing a cone of Chattanooga's favorite ice cream is just about as Chattanooga as you can get.

Engagement photo photographer Sarah Swainson captures a couple during their engagement session at Coolidge Park.
Chattanooga couple stands under a pink tree with the Walnut Street Bridge in the background during their engagement
Chattanooga engagement photographer Sarah Swainson captures a couple with their dog at Coolidge Park

3. Rainbow Lake

While many people might not think about this location for doing engagement pictures in Chattanooga, it's actually a wonderful spot for those who are a little more adventurous. Rainbow Lake on Signal Mountain is only a short drive from downtown Chattanooga and has an easily accessible waterfall that makes for an excellent backdrop all year round. There is also a swinging bridge that's only a short hike from the parking lot! Additionally, if you and your person like hiking, there are several other hikes to scenic overlooks of Chattanooga that connect to Rainbow Lake that could be used for photos as well.

4. Raccoon Mountain

Another beloved place for engagement pictures in Chattanooga is the Raccoon Mountain area, which is about 20 minutes from downtown Chattanooga. Now, this isn't the campground, this is the place on top of the mountain with the curvy road and lots of hiking trails so make sure you have the right address before heading out. Going at sunset during the fall will allow you to see PEAK Raccoon Mountain, but it's still beautiful anytime of the year. I personally like to use the road next to the reservoir and nearby fields for the engagement sessions I do at Raccoon Mountain, but there are several other locations within Raccoon Mountain that would also serve as an excellent backdrop for your engagement photos.

5. Ross's Landing

If you want an iconic Chattanooga landmark in the background of your photo's Ross's Landing is an excellent location because it is right next to the river and has a great view of the Chattanooga Aquarium. There is grassy fields, fountains, and even a pier making it a great option if you want variety in your photos without having to go to multiple different locations.

6. Lookout Mountain overlook

This one isn't as well known, but I happen to think it is one of the best views Chattanooga has to offer! I keep the exact coordinates of this one a secret, but I'm more than happy to share it with anyone who books me for their engagement pictures.

Sunset engagement on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga TN next to the Lookout Mountain Flight Park.

7. A grassy Field

There are several grassy fields around the Chattanooga area that make for super cute engagement photos! Many photographers (such as myself) will have their favorites so if you like the look of a grassy field be sure to ask your photographer if they know of any good ones!

Girl in black and boy in blue laugh together in a field with Chattanooga engagement photographer Sarah Swainson.

8. Greenway Farms

About 20 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, Greenway Farms has several great places to take pictures (especially if you have a dog as it is very dog friendly!). There are big open fields, forest trails, a quarry, and even a few log cabin type buildings that can be used.

Woman in a red dress smiles up at her fiance during their Chattanooga engagement.

9: Local coffee shops / restaurants

If you and your person like to eat food and/or drink coffee/beer, having engagement photos done at one of Chattanooga's local eateries might be a good option for you! This might not be the most "classic" option, but it's definitely one of the most fun. It's also a great way to start off a photo session if you and your person aren't super comfortable in front of the camera - you could start your session by eating some pizza and move to a secondary location once you've both relaxed a little. Some of my favorite local food places for photos in Chattanooga include Sleepyhead Coffee, Clumpie's Ice Cream, Milk & Honey, Southside Social, Oddstory Brewing Co., and Community Pie, but there are countless others that could be used as well.

10: Rooftop / Parking Garage

If you are into a more urban look, having your engagement pictures done on a rooftop or parking garage might be a great option for you. It often allows you to get a great city backdrop, without all the crowds you'd get from being in the streets. It is important to note that not all parking garages in Chattanooga allow you to take pictures. Be sure your photographer knows which ones are allowed and which ones are not - getting yelled at by a security guard would be kinda awkward.

Man and woman on top of a parking garage for their engagement in Chattanooga.

11. The RIverwalk

With 16.1 miles of pathways along the TN river, the Chattanooga Riverwalk is a beautiful location to have engagement photo done. There are multiple different access points, each with it's own unique views and scenery. Many of the scenic views can be reached with minimal walking and are often rather private. If you and your person like to bike, this would also be an excellent place to do photos that incorporate that part of your life as all the pathways are bikeable!

Riverwalk engagement in downtown Chattanooga in a field.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post on the best places for engagement pictures in Chattanooga!

If none of these locations really stood out to you, don't hesitate to reach out and ask for more recommendations! I have a full list of Chattanooga engagement locations and I'd be happy to help you find the perfect one for you.

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