Looking for fun, unique ideas for your senior photos?

You came to the right place!

Doing senior photos shouldn't be something you dread. It should be fun! After years of hard work and studying, you deserve so much more than those awful, posed, indoor portraits from your yearbook. I've had the pleasure of doing all kinds of fun senior photo sessions and I'm excited to share some tips and tricks on how to make your own senior portraits fun, unique and not at all boring.

1: Bring your favorite snack/food

If having pictures taken of yourself isn't your absolute favorite activity (maybe mom is making you have them done,) you can make it a little more fun by bringing your favorite snack or food! Posing with say....pizza, is way more fun than posing by yourself and it allows you to have some photos that truly show off your wonderful personality. You could even do your senior photos at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant! (You can see Haley's full graduation session by clicking here).

College student eating pizza in front of her college for her senior portraits.

Lupi's pizza is where it's at

College graduate holding a bottle of champagne

You can bring your favorite beverages too ;)

Graduation photo ideas - eating pizza.

So much better than posing and a fake smile

2: Go somewhere adventurous

Skip out on the typical "senior photo" locations and go somewhere unique and exciting! Maybe for you that's climbing a mountain and having photos done at the top, or going to a secret location that only you know about. Whatever "adventurous" means to you, don't be afraid to do something a little different. They are YOUR senior photos. You want them to represent who you are as an individual.

Moody senior portrait next to a lake

Low-traffic roads in a scenic location

Girl in a yellow dress standing in a field with yellow flowers

Tall-grassy fields

A young girl laughs while having portraits taken  on a mountain

Somewhere with big rocks that requires a hike

A young man sits next to a river and tips his sunglasses towards the camera

Secluded urban areas

3: Bring a friend!

If you don't feel super confident being in front of the camera on your own, bring someone with you! A friend, sibling, significant other, or whoever makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It can make your session a lot more fun and you get cool pictures with someone you care about.

Two best friends blow bubbles with each other

You can do fun things like blow bubbles

A daughter stands behind her mother with her hands on her waist

Do silly poses with them

Three girls laughing as the sun sets behind them

Share your inside jokes

4. Get in the water

Playing in the water for your senior photos is not only unique, but it's also super fun! Just be sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes for afterward

unique senior photo idea, playing in the water

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