How to elope in Great Smokey Mountain National Park

1. Select a location within the park for your elopement

I like to start out with this step because in order to get the Special Use Permit, you will have to let them know where you plan to have your elopement. They have many pre-approved locations for you to choose from if you or your photographer do not have time to location scout (it also costs less if you use a pre-approved location, $50 vs. $150). If you do not wish to use a pre-approved location, you will still have to get approval from GSMNP for the location you choose and pay the associated fee, it's also possible they will deny your request so I highly recommend just going with one of the already approved locations. Popular locations include Spence Cabin, the Appalachian Clubhouse, Cade's Cove and locations along the Foothills Parkway, but there are 20+ other pre-approved locations.

*Restrictions may apply depending on which location you choose, be sure to check out all rules/restrictions here*

2. Book your vendors

All vendors you plan to have present at your Smokey Mountain Elopement must be listed on your Special Use Permit so you will want to book those sooner than later. Your permit must be applied for a minimum of 2-3 weeks before your wedding date.

3. Apply for your Special use permit

You can find the permit here. This permit must be mailed to the Special Use Permit office and must be received no later than 2 weeks before your requested elopement date. Payments associated with the permit can be mailed in with the permit application (check/money orders), or you can pay online.